* Prenatal visit(s) - One or two depending on each Mamas particular needs

* 24/7 on call access, and unlimited availability, to answer questions from the onset of services

* COMPLIMENTARY Childbirth Education Class

* Continuous care and support at home, hospital, or birth center once you are in active labor, or when feel you need your doula to join you

* Maintaining and facilitating a peaceful birth environment

* Non-judgmental, continuous, support through unexpected outcomes (induction, c-section, epidural, etc... )

* Support immediately following birth and guidance in the first days to assist with proper latch, encouragement, and to answer questions

* Postpartum meeting, initiated by you, to help with any problems, to discuss your birth, and of course to admire your precious baby

​Our first meeting will be for a free, no-obligation interview to get to know each other and to see if we are a good fit. Once you decide we are the right fit; your Birth Doula Services include: